Film overview

All of the shorts films and trailers of the feature films can be found on our YouTube-channel:

ist zeit (is time)

A young man plans a special evening, but ends up waiting forever.


Eric drags Marc into criminal dealings, Julia tries to get him back out.


An incompetent bank-robber keeps trying.


Three friends visualize their ideas for films.

Zeittöter (Timekillers)

Is doing nothing necessarily a bad way to spend your time?

KopfLast (HeadWeight)

Can Lukas live with his dark secret, even if other people have to pay for it?

Timo und der Tod (Timo and Death)

Timo spends his last day trying to get Death off his back.

Prüfungsstress (Teststress)

A student tries to beat the clock to his final exam.

a killer film

What’s more important to Vinnie and Julian, their job or their friendship?

Die Kunst des Schluss machens (The Art of the Break-Up)

Should Dirk really turn to Frank for advise on how to end a relationship?


This documentary reveals the yet unknown and unbelievable true past of the city of Mainz.

Ein Jahr später (One year later)

Marc, Frank, and Alex wake up one morning and realize that their lives aren’t what they expected them to be … or remember them to be.

Qui pro quo

Ben tries to figure out the strange things that are happening to him. But every answer raises a new question.

… und der Rest ist Geschichte (… and the rest is history)

A whole lot of shady characters are looking for a mysterious folder from New York. And somehow Tim is stuck right in the middle of the whole thing.